TIAST urges Akokoaso locals to embrace the TIAST Project

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Image credits: Mrs. Alberta Sefa-Boampong delivering a presentation to the Akokoaso locals

Published Feb. 10, 2022, 6:02 p.m. by Prince Opoku Dogbey

The Torchbearers International Agricultural Science and Technology (TIAST) Group, an agro-processing company in Ghana, has called on the locals in Akokoaso to embrace the initiative TIAST Group has brought on board to establish cassava processing factories all over the country.

The company said this at a presentation organized by TIAST Group and the Akyemansa District Assembly to make known the TIAST agenda to the locals.

Mrs. Alberta Sefa-Boampong, a Business Development Manager, in delivering a presentation to the locals indicated that the company seeks to add value to the agricultural value chain to foster growth and development in the agricultural sector.

In her speech, she disclosed how value-added crops generate a lot of income for the country and the continent at large.

In furtherance to her speech, she mentioned that cassava starch has a high demand on the international market thus the locals should take advantage of this project and set up cassava starch processing factories in the country.

"TIAST Group has an order of 600,000 tons of cassava starch annually where the starch is sold at international market prices," she said.

She further added that the partnering company is able to gain quick returns to help operate and manage the processing line due to the quick offtake services TIAST Group offers to its clients. 

Also, she pointed out that TIAST Group gives financial assistance to anyone who partners with them. “We have seen that financial constraints are hindering farmers and locals to add value to our crops. Because of this, we have signed a partnership with Stanbic Bank to give financial assistance to farmers and clients who want to sign on the cassava starch processing project,” Mrs. Sefa-Boampong stated.

The TIAST team urged the locals to appreciate the project and embrace it to foster growth and development.

The Chief of Akokoaso village, Nana Pobi Asomanin III thanked TIAST Ghana for the presentation and asked that they make time to enlighten the council and locals of the town on the importance of leveraging on agricultural industrialization.   


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