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Published May 2, 2024, 7:05 a.m. by Poetic Christmal

In the beginning,
He was down 
He was scared 
He was afraid of the people around him
Because he failed 
He failed again
He wanted to prove something 
He wanted to prove to them that he was worth it
He wasn’t born useless
He wanted to make them proud

It’s not always the present that keeps a man wondering 
The thought of what the future holds 
Puts him in a place of intractable spectacles

Thoughts of fatherhood weigh heavy like dusk,
A tender hope for what life will entrust.
From shadows of doubt to the dawn of new trust,
In the eyes of a child, redemption is a must.

He dreams of laughter filling the air,
A small hand tucked in his with care.
Teaching lessons he learned from despair,
Building a future unwavering, fair.

So he rises each day with this vision in heart,
A resolve made of iron, and unwilling to part.
For the love of a child is a powerful art,
It’s the fire, the drive, the ultimate chart.

Through the struggle, the strife, he forges his way,
With the promise of brighter, more joyous days.
He'll shape a path through the tangle, a light display,
Guiding the next steps, come what may.

In the soft glow of evening, his heart swells with pride,
For the journey's worth every tear that he's cried.
In this child, his dreams are personified,
A love so profound, it cannot be denied.

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I am a Writer, a Poet, a Student activist, a Leadership Speaker and Motivator who seeks to impact and empower the life of fellow young people. All I want from life is to write for my generation's Mental Liberation and Leave behind a Legacy worth Emulating. I am a young enthusiastic, self-motivated and reliable person who is filled with ideas and have the zeal for working on initiatives.

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