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Published May 2, 2024, 7:13 a.m. by Poetic Christmal

I know this is super random,
We're done. We had our ups and downs, and I threw some tantrums.
I honestly care about you way more than you could fathom,
And God knows I ain't lyin', if only you could ask Him.

I know you think our happiness just comes and goes on occasions,
When I leave Earth, I wanna be frozen in a place,
With a rose in a case, full of love notes I wrote for the days
I got to be next to you. That's how I feel and no one can change it, but
I gotta get this tension off of my chest,
'Cause every day I feel a constant regret.

Now I can reflect to see the issues we never dissolved and suppressed,
I guess it's only right that karma was next.
And I'ma be open and honest with you, your absence is causing this stress,
I wish the pain I feel would lay inside a coffin and rest.
And it's only you who can soften my flesh,
But still, you run me in circles and lately, you ain't been responding to texts,
And now my only option is to act like I don't fucking need you.

Every verse I penned was a silent plea, a coded message in a bottle set out to sea,
Hoping you’d find it, read it, and maybe come back to me.
Our story’s pages are weathered, each memory a fading ink,
Yet every heartbeat spells your name, more permanent than one would think.

In dreams, I revisit the warmth of your gaze, the touch that could ease my darkest days,
But morning’s light tells another tale, of empty sheets and emails stale.
You’re the ghost of my every place, my quiet space, my storm's face,
Yet here I stand, in the echo of our last embrace, wondering if love’s trace can ever be erased.

So here's to the memories, both bitter and sweet,
To the echoes of the old us, every victory and defeat.
May we find peace in knowing it was real, if only for a moment's breath,
In the depth of our souls, beyond life, beyond death. 

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I am a Writer, a Poet, a Student activist, a Leadership Speaker and Motivator who seeks to impact and empower the life of fellow young people. All I want from life is to write for my generation's Mental Liberation and Leave behind a Legacy worth Emulating. I am a young enthusiastic, self-motivated and reliable person who is filled with ideas and have the zeal for working on initiatives.

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