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Published May 2, 2024, 7:38 a.m. by Poetic Christmal

I'm sorry...  
Do you know for what?  
For loving you too much…  
For missing you…  

I'm sorry for wanting to see you every day,  
For always thinking about you before going to sleep.  
For feeling upset if I don’t hear from you,  
For wanting to be by your side. 

I'm sorry for wanting to make you HAPPY,  
For wanting you to be part of my life,  
For trying to make you smile.  

I'm sorry for bothering you,  
For dreaming about you every night.  
I'm sorry for replying back as quickly as possible,  

I'm sorry for getting mad, jealous, and sad…  
I'm sorry for being just a simple game,  
I'm sorry for thinking that YOU LOVED ME.  

I'm sorry for annoying you with my messages and calls,  
I'm sorry for caring about you.  
I'm just…  
Sorry for every single mistake that I made.

Now, my apologies hang in the air, a curtain  
Of words unsaid, and emotions uncertain.  
Is sorry enough when the heart is so torn?  
When every whispered "I love you" now bears a thorn?

This apology, a repetitive refrain of my despair,  
A litany of regrets breathed into the cold night air.  
Yet here, in the echo of my own lonely plea,  
I wonder, did you ever truly see me?

Not just the mistakes, nor the tears I cried,  
But the boundless love I held inside.  
So, with this final sorry, I release my heart's claim,  
In hopes that one day, we can both heal from this pain.

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I am a Writer, a Poet, a Student activist, a Leadership Speaker and Motivator who seeks to impact and empower the life of fellow young people. All I want from life is to write for my generation's Mental Liberation and Leave behind a Legacy worth Emulating. I am a young enthusiastic, self-motivated and reliable person who is filled with ideas and have the zeal for working on initiatives.

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