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Published May 2, 2024, 7:21 a.m. by Poetic Christmal

I wanted you...  
I wanted you to see my hurt.  
I wanted you to see through my useless words.  
I wanted you to see my love.  
I wanted you to see what I had to offer.  
I wanted you to see that I wasn't going to just leave you, like the others.  
I wanted you to see what your spell had done to me.  
I wanted you to see that I could never just "up & leave."

I wanted you.  
I wanted you to know that I loved you with everything that I could give from my dainty heart.  
My heart is shattered.  
I'm broken, torn in two.  
I thought you could handle me.  
I thought you could put the pieces back together; that's why I wanted you to.  
I thought that maybe you'd see past my tiny smile  
and just hug me and tell me you loved me.  
But you never did.  
Maybe I was too good at hiding it.  
I wanted you to see that I wasn't giving up.  
I wanted you to love me the way I loved you.

And yet here I stand, alone with my reflections,  
In the silence after your departure, my affections  
Echo in the empty spaces you once filled.  
I replay the moments, the laughter, the tears spilled.  

I wanted you to fight for us, to decide I was worth the struggle,  
To find the missing pieces, to complete our puzzle.  
But now, as shadows grow and the light fades,  
I realize some things are not meant to be saved.  

Despite it all, my heart whispers your name in the dark,  
A soft lament for what might have been, a mark  
Left deep inside, a love that could not be,  
I wanted you to see all this, but now, I need to set you free.

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I am a Writer, a Poet, a Student activist, a Leadership Speaker and Motivator who seeks to impact and empower the life of fellow young people. All I want from life is to write for my generation's Mental Liberation and Leave behind a Legacy worth Emulating. I am a young enthusiastic, self-motivated and reliable person who is filled with ideas and have the zeal for working on initiatives.

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