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Published May 2, 2024, 7:45 a.m. by Poetic Christmal

You know what?  
Go ahead...  
Go ahead and tell everyone that you hate me.  
Tell everyone you wish I was dead.  
Tell them you never want to see me do better.  
Tell them that you wish happiness never works out for me.  

Go ahead... Tell them.  
Tell them every single horrible thing that I did to you.  
Tell them everything I said that made you want to end it.  

Tell them everything...  
But don't forget about the times that I was there.  
Don't forget to mention those times when you cried... I was there.  
Don't forget to tell them what I did to make you laugh or smile.  
Don't forget to tell them what we did together.  

You can make them hate me if you want to... I really don't care.  
Just make sure you tell them the good as well.  
Just make it balanced.

Let the whole story be told, not just the shadows,  
Not just the nights of arguments, the heartaches, the sorrows.  
Remember the days filled with laughter, light as the breeze,  
Remember our adventures, our dreams, our ease.

So, if you're going to paint me as the villain in your tale,  
Ensure you paint the full picture, not just the details that make me fail.  
Yes, I've made mistakes, as human as any could be,  
But amidst the accusations, let them see the whole me.

And as you recount our story, remember it true,  
The good and the bad, the old times and the new.  
For if love once lived here, let it not be denied,  
Let them know it was real, before it all died.

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I am a Writer, a Poet, a Student activist, a Leadership Speaker and Motivator who seeks to impact and empower the life of fellow young people. All I want from life is to write for my generation's Mental Liberation and Leave behind a Legacy worth Emulating. I am a young enthusiastic, self-motivated and reliable person who is filled with ideas and have the zeal for working on initiatives.

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