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Published May 12, 2023, 8:08 a.m. by Jennifer Appoh (jenniferappoh@gmail.com)

Fear has a crippling effect that impedes our growth and progress in life. Sadly, the average person believes that fear is an invincible foe. This mantra has buried many dreams and suppressed many spirits that should have been running free, and making a positive mark in society. 

This danger of fear is that we don't pay attention to the subtle signs until we become helpless slaves to it. But the truth is, fear is only as powerful as we allow it to be. Fear is a master of disguise and nothing but a shameful ruse that takes advantage of unsuspecting innocents. It is imperative that we identify some of these elements of fear in our lives, and address them head-on. Fear isn't just a mere emotion, Fear is: 

1. That feeling of emptiness that consumes you and prevents you from taking that step.

2. That feeling of being overpowered by your addictions. 

3. The constant lash outs before actually understanding anything more like an expression in Spanish 'empezar la casa por el tejado''

Which translates literally as starting the house by the ceiling. It always ends in regret that's fear!

4. That feeling of loneliness and depression which forces us to settle for less.

5. That thing or issue of abuse you have been refusing to confront. 

6. The frustration you feel when things begin to change. The list is endless. 

The question is, "What exactly are we afraid of?" If you find answers to this question, you are halfway there. 

It's time to look into the mirror again and reorient ourselves about who we are now and who we can become.

What are you afraid of?

The fear of Opinions?

The Fear of the Past? 

The fear of the Future? 

Do not let fear cripple you. Rather, find it, confront it, and channel the fear into strength, confidence, and victory!

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