TIAST unveils new financial module to support agribusiness investors

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Published Feb. 9, 2023, 3:16 p.m. by Prince Opoku Dogbey

TIAST Group has officially announced a new financial module aimed at providing swift financial support to agribusiness investors to own agroprocessing factories.

This was announced by Management of the organization with the aim of covering 80 percent of the entire cost of a fully-automated agroprocessing factory.

According to the company, investors who partner with TIAST Group to own an agroprocessing factory would have to provide only 20 percent of the total cost of the fully-automated processing factory as the rest is taken care of by TIAST Group.

It was revealed that the financial support is a direct funding from China intended to boost agricultural industrialization in Ghana and the West Africa sub-region at large.

The Group said the newly-introduced financial module is a move to achieve the company’s vision of building 1,000 factories,  creating one million jobs and generating an annual trade overview of 10 billion US Dollars.

The introduction of this financial leasing is a boost to agricultural productivity as investors and entrepreneurs would gain the requisite and maximum support to start their own agroprocessing factories, an initiative which would also build the local economy.

According to TIAST, this financial leasing is processed quickly with a flexible interest rate during the repayment period. In terms of the repayment schedule, TIAST Group has established a flexible repayment schedule with a three-to six-year repayment period.”

The Group, which has been committed to adding value to agriculture, said that the investor can quickly repay the financial leasing during the repayment period due to the quick offtake support offered by TIAST Group.

TIAST Group indicated that it has an already-existing market for a produce like cassava starch on the international market thus profits are earned when the products are being exported.   

Meanwhile, the Group revealed that the financial support covers a variety of services, such as the provision and installation of all processing line machinery, after-sales services, and other maintenance services required to increase the productivity of the fully-automated agroprocessing factory.

TIAST Group urges investors and business owners to benefit from the newly-introduced financial module and get prompt financial help to set up an agroprocessing company with maximum efficiency and output.

The fund is accessible to all investors in Ghana, and any country in the West African sub-region.


TIAST Group originates from China and has extended its services to Africa. The Group is committed to adding value to the agricultural value chain and promoting the worth of the agricultural industry in all African countries through industrialization. TIAST Group supports farmers, investors and entrepreneurs with financial support, technical and technological support as well as quick offtake service to set up agroprocessing factories.


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