Cold Rains

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Published June 15, 2022, 2:21 p.m. by Jennifer Appoh (

Every drop tells a story.

I stare blankly into space as the wind freely expresses itself, gently caressing the drops of rain therein, and I am jealous. Why do I always say nothing? It moves in the places it wishes, and stays at places it chooses and, I wonder how life would be if it was that simple to make choices. Every rain drop expresses the irony of life. A paradox of complex simplicity, and a swift difference between the present and past.  

The raindrop projects a healthy sense of humor. As I peer through the misty weather and watch as parents cover and shield their young ones from these drops, it occurs to me, "You are protected from everything as a child and as you age, you are expected to make decisions and embrace all you were protected from as a child". A lot of questions run through my head. Do we teach our children to take it all, or do we still protect them? These questions fade out as quickly as they ambushed my thoughts. The trickling drops on my windowpane remind me that every drop of rain has a chunk of dreams it washes away. And I wondered, "how many dreams are being washed away by life's frustrating rain?"

The rhythm of the rains keeps me awake. It's too loud! Is it the rain or it's my life that is too loud? What's this soothing music that plays only from a distance. Can the rains clean me up? Does it quench all thirst? Does it bring out all that is hidden? I see its beauty in the noise. I can see right through it and I appreciate its presence. I closed my eyes and walked into it allowing it to take the whole of me. It has a lot to say and I'm here for it all.

Be gentle! I say but I had limited time with lots to do so it swept over me with swiftness. I needed it. I took it all in. Now the cold sets in and reminded me of all the times I allowed my actions to taunt me. I wish it didn't but it did. How can I undo it? It's all made sense now.

The rains are your friends when you are safe, covered, and protected. You dread it when you are left in the open, all alone. Ooh, so How does God accommodate all our wishes and prayers? It all made sense and I slept smiling at the complexity of it all. 

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