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Published April 20, 2022, 5:11 a.m. by Jennifer Appoh (jenniferappoh@gmail.com)

Let's create a world. Let's create it with our hands, hearts, and minds; a world where envy and selfishness never existed. Where self is not the prevailing word in our dictionary. A world where love was not termed as a weakness. Where kindness wasn't folly. Where what's wrong is not justified by newness and advancement. Where we actually told ourselves the truth. A world where children are considered humans with feelings😔. Where adulthood is not the constant unlearning of so much toxicity but rather, peace and immense growth.

Let's create a world where dreams are not dismissed just because the listener is jealous of the dreamer. Where the wins of someone doesn't mean failure on another's part. Where children are not taught to see their classmates as competition. Where the youth take responsibility for their lives and do not feel entitled to someone else's success and money. Where help came from the heart and expects no returns. Where gratitude came naturally without ill-intent.

I wish we could create a world where mediocrity never existed. Where everyone wanted to be their best. A world where people recognized what's there and what's not. A world where people saw themselves to be who they really were; unique people in a diversified world. A world where people lived for the good of humanity and themselves, and not in the shadows of others.

Let's create a world where family became religion and vice versa. A world where we don't bring people down just to satisfy our insecurities. A world where everyone paid attention!!! A world where we take responsibility for our actions and make amends. A world where we embrace our own and strive to do better not to reap where we didn't sow. 

Let's create a world where people are not just people but seeds; seeds we nurture to grow into amazing possibilities.

Can this world ever exist? 

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Don't write what you think people want to read.Find your voice and write about what's in your heart....... Quentin Tarantino.

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