TIAST Ghana assures Ghanaians quick offtake services for cassava starch


Image credits: TIAST Ghana at the Regional Directors Conference

Published Jan. 20, 2022, 6:53 p.m. by Prince Opoku Dogbey

A Business Development Manager at TIAST Ghana, Mrs. Albera Sefa-Boampong has assured Ghanaians of quick offtake services for cassava starch when they partner with TIAST Group to set up a fully-automated cassava starch processing factory. 

According to her, there’s a high demand for cassava starch globally thus TIAST Ghana offtake the cassava at international market prices. 

She made this statement at the invitation of TIAST Ghana to the Regional Directors conference held in Takoradi under the theme “Strengthening data and information systems for effective agricultural policy planning and implementation-The role of Regional Director”.

In her presentation, she also disclosed that TIAST GROUP is more focused on localization where locals will be trained to run and operate the machinery in the factory

 “We have one main mandate or one core mandate which is localization. We believe that it wouldn’t be appropriate to set up a factory and leave it to be run by the Chinese engineer.  We train the local team that the partner brings on board so that they are able to manage the factory,” she further added. 

Also, the Chief Executive Officer of TIAST Ghana, Mr. Freca Xiao highlighted that the company needs to strengthen its relationship with all stakeholders in the agricultural industry in order to champion the industrialization agenda and share information easily. 

In his presentation, Mr. Xiao indicated that “TIAST Ghana is trying to give information to clients on the processing of other crops aside cassava and the kind of machinery needed to process those crops.”

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