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Published Dec. 8, 2021, 9:14 p.m. by Mhz Jen

Hey there! Can I walk slowly into your thoughts?. You look very confident and well organized. So why do you stay in toxic zones?  I think I will leave the type of toxic zone for you to decide 😉. You are a devoted Christian. People look up to you, yet, unconsciously you look down on yourself at every chance. "You should have been a bit slimmer or maybe a little smarter. Ooh your height makes you uncomfortable" ... Not forgetting your fear of being alone and rejected. It's always one thing after the other. Are you even happy? Wait up! It gets better .... You are waiting for it all to fall in place. I think you believe in miracles that are good and like boom, everything you want and wish for would be yours as you spend your time sobbing and doing nothing about it and accepting the ones you think you can accept.  Well..... I have news! Snap out of it.

Nobody is intrinsically exceptional above anybody. Everyone is exceptional. It's all about discovery and observation. When Satan wanted to test Jesus, the first thing he did was to test him on his identity. ' If you are truly the son of God....'. This draws our mind to the fact that the way you see yourself is very important. Nobody can break a man who knows exactly who he is and where he's going. Do you know who you are?  Walk with me......

You are a masterpiece. You need to go through every stage of identification and finally align yourself with the person you truly are. Apostle Joshua Selma spoke about these stages and I think you can't have it any other way. Don't lie to yourself, you can't😬. The first stage is God. Who is the best person to ask about a furniture if not the carpenter that made it? Finding and knowing God has always been the best way to identify one's self. Availing yourself to His words and principles becomes the foundation for the wisdom He grants freely. And through this wisdom, you discover His plans for your life and guess what? You have a deeply rooted sense of identity in Him. Identity with assurance. Not an identity based on a degree or a career so that when you lose it, you think about suicide. We have an identity with the everlasting God so that when you lose it all (material) things, you are at peace because you believe and know that it's just temporary. 

Now that you have identified yourself in God. You identify what you have. It doesn't have to be fancy. Do you write, sing, or maybe it's loyalty or counselling. What do you have? There's nobody, absolutely nobody with nothing to give. Pay attention! You do have something the world needs. The world is waiting... 

Now sobbing and complaining doesn't solve anything. Actually, the person you are forced to become while working for Greatness is far greater than anything you can imagine. Read that again..... The process is very important. Take it easy with yourself and do the work. Continuous improvement... That version of yourself you want, keep working with God's guidance, you will be. Confidence is actually not an absolute thing. It's a journey, but it takes courage to love and accept yourself. 

The year is about to end .... You see that tall list of dreams lying in your diary... Please revise it and do something about them. Identify who you are, embrace it and work with what you have... Enjoy the rest of the year.



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