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Published Jan. 11, 2021, 2:13 p.m. by Mhz Jen

Beautiful, that's how best she's described. Every detail of her personality is unique. How do I know that? I watched her from the very first day I saw her. 

She loves freely and effortlessly. She is courageous and her devotion to her Creator is unquestionable. But wait a minute!... I'm confused 😳

Why does she want to blend in so badly? 

She has a thousand and one reasons for anyone ready to listen. Is she so desperate for love and attention that she doesn't mind losing herself? 

She questions her foundation. What's so bad about my choices now? Oooh, how I wish she sees herself through my eyes. 

Her colours are fading and I can't seem to have any control over it. I wish I could😔.  Then I felt this sharp pain in my chest. I feel like a helpless sailor watching a ship sinking. I can't get into the water to save it. I might drown too. I try to say a prayer and hope it works. 

She holds on very tightly to a relationship that ended years ago. She makes excuses for every red flag. I think she's scared of the unknown. She would rather be unhappy and work tirelessly for a dead relationship than move on for a better tomorrow. Moving on is too stressful. So she stays.

She allows the actions of someone to cause her to lose everything that made her unique. So that she can boldly say He caused it. Does He really have that power over you?

She is expecting too much from everyone so depression comes naturally then life becomes meaningless. Why don't I stop living? Are you that easy to push? Has she forgotten that she is needed here? Has she forgotten that She belongs here just like any other person?

She is a mother of two who thinks her life ended the moment she married. The expectations are too much for her. She needs to take care of the needs of everybody but hers. She is sinking gradually. Nobody really cares. Nobody sees her. She's just a mother and a wife but perhaps we forget she is still that little girl with dreams, who also wants to be free and to live!. She cares about her family but she wishes they see her too.

She is that little girl who was molested as a child. She fears commitment. Her other half want much from her and she's not willing to give. She can't seem to forgive herself and the molester. She hates herself that it happened. But she wants to be free from the pain too. She's a warrior.

This woman is out there. She is all of us. She is a teenager, a young lady and a full-grown woman. She is a student, a mother and a career woman. 

Beautiful is her name and I hope she remembers it!

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